And the winner is...

All your contest ideas were so good that I had a very, very hard time deciding on a winner. For this, I curse you all.

Although all ideas were creative, and I would love to use every single idea, I was forced to choose one that:

1) was technically feasible,
2) fit the speed and size of the game, and
3) filled an aesthetic gap in the existing air hockey tables.

The winner is Shannon Abbey for her bird painting idea. I hope that I can do justice to this vision in implementing it.

Thank you all for your contest entries. It was fun to see the entries come in. I just wish I had an iPad for everyone. To those who were really hoping for an iPad, Santa might be your next hope.

I will implement this air hockey table over the next month or so, and submit an update of FlairHockey to the iTunes App Store when it is ready. Thanks again for entering the contest.

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iPad Contest Winner to be Announced

Thank you everyone for entering my iPad contest. The winner will be decided and announced in the next couple days.

There are some interesting and creative entrees, and it won’t be easy picking the winner. After the winner is selected and the iPad is awarded, I will be implementing the winning entry for a future release of FlairHockey. I can’t wait to see the result!

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iPad Contest Extended Two Weeks

The iPad contest has been extended until November 15. To enter, leave your table idea in comments here, or in the original contest announcement below. See the full instructions below. Good luck.

Win an iPad!

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We have a brand new iPad sitting here just waiting for you to win. It’s fun! It's easy! And the odds of winning are probably pretty good!

If you’ve tried FlairHockey, you’ve seen the different air hockey tables you can choose from. It comes with three from the start, one bonus table available as a free download, and three more for purchase. There will be more in the future, including: THE WINNING ENTRY OF THIS CONTEST!

That’s right. Just send us an idea for a cool, fun FlairHockey table theme. Tell us the essential elements of your idea – what the table looks like, what sounds and visual effects it has, and whatever else we may need to know. If you have a good name for your table, include that.

We will pick the idea we like best.

The winning entry will be implemented by e-LIPS, and will be available either as a free download or bundled with future versions of FlairHockey.

To download FlairHockey Free for the iPhone and iPod touch, click here.
To buy FlairHockey for the iPad, click here.


You may enter the contest using Twitter or by leaving a comment below (see the instructions below under “How to enter”).
Entries must be 300 characters or less (140 characters on Twitter).
Entries must be received by midnight, October 31, 2010.
Entrees must be appropriate for all ages.
Note that entries will be public. If the winning idea is similar to others, we will choose the first similar one entered.
No purchase necessary.
Open to U.S. residents only. The iPad prize will be shipped to a U.S. address.
Grand prize is a 16GB Wi-fi iPad, and bragging rights after we implement and release the winning table.
The winning entry will be announced here on this blog and on the Twitter feed shortly after November 1, 2010. Allow two months for the winning table to be implemented, tested, and approved by Apple.
If we choose your idea, we may contact you to see if you have further thoughts about your idea.

How to enter:

1. Twitter: Either reply to a FlairHockey tweet, start your tweet with @flairhockey, or include #flairhockey in your tweet.Here is an example:
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2. Leave your idea as a comment below.

IMPORTANT: If your entry is chosen, we must have a way to contact you! So when you leave a comment, either log in to one of the services such as Twitter or My Yahoo!, or add your email address to your profile using the following steps (your email will not be displayed with your comment):
1) Type your name and your FlairHockey table idea, then click the Post button
2) When the comments are updated with your post, click on your name in the post.
3) Click “View Details”
4) Click “Edit Profile”
5) Type your email address in the Email field.
6) Click “Save Changes”

That’s it! Good luck, and be creative. You may win an iPad and have your FlairHockey table implemented by us for the world to enjoy!

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FlairHockey comes to the iPhone

FlairHockey, the top-of-the-line air hockey game for the iPad, is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch. And, best of all, it’s free!

Download it and give it a try. It has a number of different tables to choose from, and more available now, and more on the way! From the standard Arcade table, to the 11-marble frenzy, to a splashy colorful Painter table. Download the hand-drawn Graph Paper table for free. And check out the extra tables - 3 different tables for one low price.

FlairHockey Free is available for free because it displays ads (don’t worry, they don’t get in the way of game play), and you can buy add-ons for real money. You can buy a set of extra tables, and a set of extra paddles and pucks, including a Superstealth invisible paddle, a Supercharged paddle, Supersmall, and Supersized paddles.

Also, if ads in between games annoy you, you can purchase an ad-free version. Visit our in-app store.

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Hello, World

Hi. My name is Mike. I have a weblog. That means I’m special.

I am a Mac and iOS programmer. I have three apps in the iTunes App Store:

- FlairHockey for iPad
- Trendz
- The Santa Game

This is the beginning of my weblog. In it, you will find code snippets, coding philosophy, iPhone and iPad information, and personal observations.

Please come back later while I get my website up, latest products out the door, and some interesting weblog content published.