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“This is a great app. I believe it’s as good as it gets.”

       - Beta tester

Try to get Santa from the top to the bottom of the color maze
by tapping adjacent rooms to guide him. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Here’s the (first) catch: You must go through the colored doors in order. First red, then green, then white, then repeat. Drop through the bottom to get to the next game.

It can take 12 moves in level one, and at least 30 moves in level ten.

The second catch? Starting with level two, one or more renegade candy canes will be roaming the halls. Bumping into one will send Santa back to the beginning, unless Santa can slip by. Just don’t get caught in the same room together.

Tons of games. Hours and hours of play. Different levels for all abilities.


Four mazes. 40 levels. 5 games per level. Up to three feisty candy canes trying to get in Santa’s way.

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"Great game! Thank you!"

"Also, the sound effects and music are great."

        - Beta tester

"This is so cool!"

     - Griffin Boyle